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What is Balsamic Vinegar?

Napolina balsamic vinegars are from the traditional producing area of Modena, and are guaranteed by the Modena IGP stamp.

The black capped balsamic vinegar is perfect to combine with olive oil for use as a dressing, for dipping or drizzling over salads.

The gold capped balsamic vinegar is matured in oak casks for a sweeter flavour and is traditionally used sparingly in Italy to enhance meat, fish and fruit.

Napolina Balsamic Vinegar features in the Oils, Olives & Peppers recipe, simply combining with Napolina Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create a sensational flavour.

Nutritional Info

Typical Values of Napolina 10* Balsamic VinegarPer 100g
Energy562 kJ/134.2 kcal
- of which saturates0g
- of which sugars27.8g